Professor Gokce Nur Yilmaz (Ph.D., SMIEEE)on K-Peritia Training in Istanbul 2024

K-Peritia training in Istanbul 2024

Professor Gokce Nur Yilmaz (Ph.D., SMIEEE)

Head of the Department of Computer Engineering

TED University, Ankara, Türkiye

with Trainer Sameer Rashid Bhat (University of Oxford)

Gokce and Sameer are K-Peritia’ co-leaders of Working Group Technology

An incredible experience has become true for me by having the opportunity to attend K-Peritia training in Istanbul, Türkiye, my home country. I believe offering such a fantastic training opportunity in Istanbul, which is located on the border of Europe and Asia, added even more significance to K-peritia’s focus on “Cultural Expertise.”

K-Peritia’s extraordinary training was spread over two days. On the first training day, 16 May, the opportunity began with an exploration of cutting-edge avenues for publication and participation within the framework of cultural expertise, titled “How to Publish on Cultural Expertise”. On May 17, K-Peritia training participants engaged with current and different technologies looking for the answers to “How to introduce Cultural Expertise to an Interdisciplinary Audience”. The intrigued attitude of the trainers and trainees generated a vibrant atmosphere that persisted all over the seamless execution of the training. Remarkably, during the training, a tremendous quantity of knowledge was shared. I gained fresh perspectives that can be quite supportive while guiding the Working Group (WG) 2-Technology of K-Peritia for which I act as a leader. Additionally, my deeper comprehension inspired me to further raise my colleagues’ and students’ awareness of cultural experience and positive impacts of K-Peritia.

 I am incredibly appreciative that I have the opportunity to contribute to K-Peritia effectively. I look forward to the prospect of collaborating with the K-Peritia participants in many more upcoming training events.

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